As a small business ourselves, we know how easy it is to become needle focused on the day to day of running a business, and making sure we’re doing what’s best for our customers.

Unfortunately, this can often mean not focusing on the ‘what ifs’.

If you’re a small business owner, when you reflect on your day to day, are you considering who the key individuals are in your business? This can be the individuals who contribute heavily to the profits of your business, or those whose absence could effect your business as a whole.

This could lead your business to:
• Having a loss of profit;
• Recruiting or training a replacement;
• Losing important business contacts if the key person maintains relationships;
• Potentially having customers and suppliers losing confidence in the business.

According to stats those least likely to have any cover in place are shown below.*

If you’re one of the businesses who are lacking the appropriate protection, and know you have a key individual or two who would impact your business if they were no longer on your team, why not consider Key Person’s Insurance?

Key Person Protection allows you to insure your business against any financial loss it would suffer if your key members of team were sadly no longer with us, or were diagnosed with a critical illness (if this is selected as a part of your policy).

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