It’s hard to escape news stories of NHS wait times, A&E crisis points, nurses striking, low numbers of NHS doctors and nurses and even winter flu reducing NHS staff availability, so the increase in those looking towards securing private health care shouldn’t come as a surprise to many.
The pandemic has no doubt caused a knock-on affect further exacerbating already lengthy wait times for NHS treatments, meaning many are choosing to skip the queues and secure private treatment. And it isn’t just hospital treatments that are suffering under the NHS pressures, but access to GPs is also under strain, pushing more people to secure alternate options.

The beauty of Private Healthcare is that it is built to compliment NHS provision, as we are all entitled to NHS healthcare. But as we see a significant increase in companies offering healthcare benefits and incentives to their employment packages as well as individuals seeking their own private options, is it the start of a new Hybrid era for healthcare?

What can Private Medical Care be used for?
The benefits offered by employers typically offer dental, optical and basic treatments as a standard package, but private healthcare is available for a huge range of illnesses and ailments. Different health insurance providers offer different kinds of coverage, but typically health insurance covers a range of acute conditions, diagnostics including scans and x-rays, GP appointments, cancer treatments, physiotherapy, and in more recent years, mental healthcare.

Roughly 1 in 4 adults in England* are battling some form of mental health condition including anxiety and stress, and the World Health Organization recently reported a 25% increase in anxiety and depression worldwide. Insurance companies are recognising the need for good mental health coverage now more than ever, and with mental health conditions on the rise, it’s no surprise that some people are deciding to go private to get the help they need.

If you would like to discuss securing Private Health cover for yourself, or even for your employees, get in touch today to discuss the options available.

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