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What is a remortgage and how you can be certain you’re getting the right advice

In short, remortgaging is a way to find the right mortgage deal on your current property. You pay off the one mortgage with the new mortgage deal using the same property as security.

Before you decide to go ahead and switch to a new mortgage deal you may want to speak to one of our experts who can help you go through the process with you and explain anything in plain and simple English.

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. You may be charged a fee for mortgage advice. The precise amount will depend on your circumstances but we estimate it will be £495.00.

Why remortgage?

There are a number of reasons why people choose to remortgage. We have included some of them below.

Take advantage of low interest rates

Interest rates may have reduced since you took out your last mortgage, saving you money in the long run.

Your fixed deal is up for renewal

Your current fixed deal could be due for renewal, meaning that you will be put on your lenders variable interest rate. This can mean your monthly payments can change regularly and you could end up paying more.

You want to move from interest only to a repayment mortgage

Your circumstances may have changed and you now want to change your deal from an interest only mortgage to a repayment mortgage.

You want to make overpayments

Some mortgages allow you make overpayments without any penalty. These are usually capped to a certain percent per year, but could mean you end up paying less in the long run.

You want to borrow more

If your looking to consolidate your debts or even pay for an extension, a remortgage can allow you to borrow more at a low rate of interest.

Your home’s value has gone up

If the value of your home has increased rapidly since you took out your mortgage, you might find you’re in a lower loan to value band, and eligible for much lower rates.

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“I was a first time buyer and had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Sam Clarke was so lovely he talked me through every step and broke it down to me to make the process feel less daunting. He always answered his phone and got back to my emails quickly with the many questions I had. He was on the ball all time! I couldn’t fault him! And to top it off he was a lovely person.”
“Sam has been brilliant, from my search for a property to getting my mortgage offer. He has done everything to help and guide me as he knew that I didn’t have a clue. He offered all the best advice and solutions and nothing was too much trouble, even when he was out of the country. He is always on the end of the phone or email and I couldn’t have sorted my first mortgage by myself without him. I highly recommend Sam for his professional yet personal approach and his dedication to his clients.”
“Sam is a true mortgage professional. He is attentive and even phoned me from his Mediterrenean holiday to make sure things were sorted. He found me a great mortgage solution and took me through the whole process without any glitches and was always there to answer my questions. Sam is highly recommended.”
“We have Sam Clark as our Mortgage Broker.
Very helpful and you will get a quick reply on your queries. The best to describe his service would be, “When you feel like you are hopeless to get a mortgage and you want to give up. Sam is the man for this job because he won’t give up until you get your dream house.”
There is a broker fee for his service but really worth it because he works really hard to help you find a better deal that suits your needs and finances.
Thank you Sam for all your hardwork! God bless you more.”
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