Abbreviations and jargon are everywhere, and in every industry, and in our daily lives we spend our time navigating the world of shorter, snappier, and somewhat confusing nicknames.

You may also have found that you’ve already encountered abbreviations and jargon in the financial side of your life too.

Whether it’s SVR, ISAs or PMI, the world of financial jargon may be a little hard to navigate alone. Not to mention the mortgage and finance industry is constantly changing to suit your ever changing needs and requirements.

So what makes advice valuable? Speaking or using a price comparison website is just that, a generic guide based on the information you supply to give you a generic one size fits all answer.

In reality everybody would rather see what they’re buying  – touch it, understand it, then get it altered to an exact fit – this is the definition of true advice. The want to ‘self – serve ‘ is only based on a lack of trust, price of product or a previous poor experience.

Committing to a mortgage or insurance product that isn’t advice driven can be very expensive in both long and short terms, and asking the right questions to a qualified adviser cannot be over stated. The hardest questions to answer are usually the most important and the faith you put in somebody should be reflected by their qualifications and regulatory standing. The question you should be asking yourself if you feel you don’t need advice is: “Would you buy a second hand parachute?”

The aspect of advice is changing – We now offer video conferencing and Zoom meetings, as well as our normal referred routes, as we understand time can be your enemy. The most important thing is the advice has value and is there to help you make informed decisions regarding yours and your family’s future.

Some will prefer the ideal of ‘no advice ‘ and indeed it will suit some, but as someone once said “The best things in life are free, the rest needs a plan!”

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