Last updated: 27th April 2022

1. The Right Advice Referral Scheme is open and available to all customers of The Right Advice  (“the referee”).

2. The referral amount detailed in this scheme is a gross payment. The referee is responsible for any taxes, as required by law, arising from the provision of the referral bonus.

3. The referee is eligible to receive £100 subject to successful completion of business with your referral.

4. Standalone home insurance referrals are not eligible under this scheme. 

5. The referee will be paid £100 within 28 days of completion of the case.

6. It is the referee’s responsibility to contact their Adviser at The Right Advice in order to claim their referral payment.

7. In the event that The Right Advice is (for whatever reason) unable to procure the indicated incentive, then you will receive a substitute of commensurate value subject to these same terms and conditions.

8. The referee will not be eligible to receive the referral payment under this scheme in the event that the referred person is already on the The Right Advice database at the date of referral or if The Right Advice have already received their details but have not yet entered them on the database.

9. The referred person must be notified and have consented to their details being passed to The Right Advice for this scheme before the date of the referral. This is the responsibility of the referee and is subject to the Data Protection Act 2018. The referee will indemnify The Right Advice for any loss or claim arising out of the referee’s failure to procure such consent.

10. Customers can only be referred to The Right Advice once. In the event that a customer is referred to The Right Advice more than once, only the first person to refer that customer to The Right Advice (with the referred person’s permission) will be eligible for a referral payment under this scheme.

11. Permanent employees and contract and temporary workers working directly for The Right Advice are not eligible to participate in the referral scheme.

12. The referral scheme is available until further notice and can be withdrawn at any time.