Christmas this year will have undoubtedly been tougher on many, given the rises in costs we’ve experienced across the last 12 months.

Budgets this year are significantly tighter for many households, and many will have turned to borrowing via credit cards, store credit and loans to afford a Christmas like those enjoyed previously.  But what if the debts have grown and you’re unsure how you’ll repay them in the new year?

Debt consolidation loans could help round up the existing debts into one easier to manage outstanding debt.

Benefits of debt consolidation:

  • Streamlines finances – combing multiple outstanding debts into a single loan reduces the number of payments and won’t have to worry about multiple due dates
  • May reduce monthly payment – your overall monthly payment is likely to decrease because the future payments are spread out over a new and perhaps extended loan term allowing you to free up some of your monthly expenditure
  • Could lower interest rate – With the average annual interest rate for credit cards being 22% APR you could be going on a lower rate of interest through a mortgage or secured loan. You will be going from high interest unsecured debt to low interest secured debt

Book a call in for January to discuss how we could help support you through the post-Christmas debt difficulties.

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If we think you are eligible, we will introduce you to a nominated secured loan specialist company.  Fees may be payable but these will be discussed during the advice process.  Securing debt on your property, may mean that you are paying off a higher amount over time and the duration of the debt maybe extended.

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