It’s a scenario we don’t want to imagine, but what happens in the case you are unable to work? Or if your sick pay ran out?

Are you sure you would be able to face your household bills or your mortgage?

It’s an important point to consider, and ensuring your financial security and stability is key in the case, that for any reason, you were left unable to keep up payments on your home. We all want to make sure we’re able to take care of ourselves, and our loved ones.

This is why we want to express the importance of considering an income protection policy.

Can I afford a policy?

Did you know that more than a quarter of Brits insure their mobile phones? 41% of people would struggle after an absence from work of less than six months, yet only 10%* have an income protection policy.*

Could I rely on savings?

The average UK employee only has enough savings to last them 32 days if their income stopped.* After that period of time, are you and your family covered financially? Can you pay bills or maintain your lifestyle?

Unfortunately, things can go wrong at any time, and we are all prone to illnesses and injuries.

Ensuring you protect yourself, and your finances, is an important decision to make, and can have a impact on the lives of those closest to us. Having a contingency plan in place allows you to rest in the knowledge that your income is protected should the worst happen.

If you would like to review your current arrangements, please email or call 01564 791 120 to chat at your earliest convenience.

*Source: Income Protection, UK Report. February 2017. Mintel Group Ltd.