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For many of us, the huge surge in energy prices is worrying. Such significant uplifts on our monthly outgoings can have us digging around behind the sofa for loose change in an attempt to counterbalance the increase. There are some small ways you can begin to recoup some of the money lost to the increase though, so check out these handy tips for combatting the lift.

If you’re currently on the hunt for new large appliances, take a look at the energy rating as one of your priorities on the check-list. For example, according to The Independent* an A+++ washing machine will typically use £65 less energy than an A+ one over an 11-year product lifespan and an A+++ fridge freezer will save around £320 in energy bills over its lifetime compared to an A+ model.

Top up your knitwear. While we’re all used to our parents in years gone by saying “if you’re cold put a jumper on!” could it be that we’ve now turned into our parents? Turning down the heating thermostat and warming up with layers is a simple way to reduce some of your energy costs. Turning your heating down by just one degree could save up to £80 a year*!

Switch it off! Using appliances that can be turned off at the plug, rather than left on standby can save an average of £30 a year*. Consider getting smart plugs that can be controlled by your phone, that way, you can keep on top of your energy usage from the comfort of the sofa.

Thrifty Showers Not only can reducing the time you spend in the shower help cut costs, but buying efficient showerheads can also help save. Cutting your shower time by just 1 minute can save you as much as £18 per person a year on energy bills, and the efficient showerhead: as much as £7 per person a year, in savings.

Slightly bigger & more long-term changes
Little amounts can certainly add up, but have you considered replacing older windows for double-glazing? Or getting loft insulation? While the initial costs can seem bigger, they’ll more than make up for it in savings on your energy costs over the years.

While the increases to energy prices can seem daunting, it’s important to remember you’re not alone. Your energy suppliers have worked with the energy regulators Ofgem to ensure support is provided and signposted clearly for those struggling. In the first instance you should speak to your supplier to see if they can assist.

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