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Being a parent, it’s a hard job, and always deserving of reward days such as Mother’s Day this month (hat’s off to anyone celebrating).

When your children are young, the focus is on helping them take those first steps, showing them how to write, even how to sleep through the night; as they get older, the focus changes to showing them how to be more independent, how to take care of themselves, and how to understand things like finance.

Even when your children are adults, they’re still your children, your job is never done, and protecting them is still on your mind each and every day.

It’s tiring, but also so incredibly rewarding, and to be able to see them through the different stages of their lives, are memories that you know you’ll always hold close to your heart.

We try and plan for everything we can, and sometimes things can slip through the cracks along the way, such as making sure your family health insurance plan is still relevant.

So how does your family health insurance reflect these stages?

If you’re on a family health insurance plan, the ages of your children on the plan is entirely dependent on the insurer and the policy itself.

Some plans will have a maximum age of 21 years old if no longer in full time education, or 24 years old if they are still in education.

Others don’t use education as a differentiating feature, and place their brackets at different maximum ages.

This is important to consider when you review your policy, and is worth looking into to see if your policy is still relevant to all of your family members.

If you’re a new parent (congrats!) or have a growing family, it, of course, means a growing list of expenses including family health insurance and life insurance policies that cover you for everything you need.

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