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Last month we had one extra day to make use from, but it also turns out one extra day to lose out on.

The leap day may go under the radar of many, but research has found that Brits, on a full-time salary, are losing an average of £151.40 because of it1.

So, what could you get for your money on average2 if you were to distribute that spend on various insurances?

Private Health Insurance

When BUPA, AXA, Aviva and Vitality were asked for the prices of a ‘typical’ buyer (in this case a 33-year-old, living near Oxford) for private health insurance, they gave prices of £26 and £48 per month, or £312 and £576 per year.2

Income Protection

Income protection insurance in the UK can cost as little as £10 a month. Most people pay about £50 to £80 per month.3

Life Insurance

The average cost of life insurance per month is about £30 per month according to research.4

What would these three add up to? These add up to £.158 on average per month, only £6.40 more than what you would be losing on leap day!

However, every plan and every circumstance is different, and whilst these may be the average prices according to research, the best plan for your individual circumstances could range in price.

For everything they may cover, isn’t it worth seeing what your budget could get you?

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